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• Shadowcon XIX

• Jan 9-10, 2015

The hotel is where it all started at. We are coming home.

• Clarion Hotel and Convention Center.

• 2007 S Service Road.

• West Memphis, AR 72301

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Their Graces,
Duke Sir Kane and Ilissa,

invite the Known World to their annual party, the SCA / Sci-Fi convention, ShadowCon XIX!

Come join us for a winter weekend indoors! There will be fencing, heavy weapons and tourneys. There will be gaming, D&D, Vampire LARP, computer gaming, board games, an International game room, Merchants Masquerade (Historical, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy), Hall costume contest, Belly Dance lessons, Friday night dance with a DJ, Saturday night Haffla (Belly dance party), Kane's Auction of the Strange and Unusual, and MORE.


ShadowCon XIX
January 9th & 10th, 2015


Free T-Shirt with pre-registration!

Until Sept 30, $25 Weekend
Oct 1 - Dec 1, $30 Weekend
Dec 2 - Dec 25, $35 Weekend
Children ages 6-12 are half price
Children 6 and under are free

Friday ONLY daytrip $25
Saturday ONLY daytrip $25
Weekend at the Door: $35


Clarion Hotel and Convention Center
2007 S Service Rd, West Memphis, AR, 72301


We are proud to have the following guests this year.

Writer Guest of Honor
Gary Phillips

Artist Guest of Honor
Charles Ettinger

SCA Guest of Honor
Duke Sir Tomuki

Returning Guest
Alan Gilbreath
Mitch Faust
Lin Workman
M R Williamson
David Blalock
Tommy Hancock
and other...
Sorry Mike Gunn will unable to be with us due to scheduling conflict


We love us some gamin' at ShadowCon. Are you interested in running a game? Contact Stephen!


Are you a merchant looking for a table? Contact Merchantcrat Ron Jennings!

Here is the Shadowcon Dealer's Form in PDF format.

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Shadow Con is an annual convention in the Memphis area and Twelveth Night Christmas Party for Shadow Legion.
Shadow Con is not an SCA sponsored event.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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